What we will cover in this post:

This blog post will cover topics to help clear the air about boudoir photography. This guide is ideal for those interested in a boudoir photography session or looking for more information on what a boudoir session may entail. In this post, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is boudoir photography?
  • Is boudoir photography right for me?
  • When is the best time to have a boudoir session?
  • "My first boudoir session" checklist
  • How to find a boudoir photographer in my area?
  • What do I wear to a boudoir session?
  • Where to look for inspiration?
  • How do I stay safe during a boudoir shoot?

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a type of photography style that captures romantic, sensual, and sometimes erotic moments. These sessions commonly take place in a private setting whether that be a photography studio, bedroom, or other themed setting. Boudoir photography is a form of expression that usually brings confidence to the subject and can reveal a newfound perspective of self-love. These photos can be used for private viewing, but newlyweds can surprise their partners with a custom boudoir album on their wedding day or anniversary.

Is a boudoir session right for me?

Anyone, including you, can shine in your boudoir photography session.

Boudoir photography is for anyone regardless of body type, color, or gender. Everyone can love and express their body at any point in their life. These sessions can also be a place to boost confidence when working with a photographer you feel comfortable around and help bring out your features.

What are some ideal times to take a boudoir session?

Boudoir sessions can be done at any point in time, but the best time to have a boudoir session would be before or after an accomplishment. An example is a body transformation. Before you are preparing to gain or lose weight, it is always nice to look back at how you were before and see how far you've made it. If you just finished your transformation, it's time to celebrate! This can be a treat for yourself, so you keep the memory of how your hard work paid off.

Another idea for timing your boudoir session would be a couple of months before your big day! A boudoir photography album is a fun and creative gift to surprise your partner. The reason for getting the session a couple of months in advance is to allow time for editing as well as the process of making and delivering the photo album. This can lead to nice reactions candid moments wedding photos and video.

Some photographers provide services of designing an album for you for an additional fee. This can be a better alternative to using a service similar to Shutterfly due to print quality and a professional point-of-view when designing the album. These are questions you can ask when looking for a boudoir photographer.

"My first boudoir session" Checklist:

It can be intimidating trying to assemble and plan everything for a boudoir session. Your photographer will of course help you with anything you may need but here is a list of basics I recommend to all my clients. Use this list as a simple starting point and reference it before you're about to leave for your session to make sure you leave the house with everything.

  • A Solid theme/idea in mind for the shoot
  • Sweatpants and a hoodie
  • Water bottle or something to drink.
  • Different outfits/clothing selections for the session
  • Pasties/Invisible No Panty (if needed)
  • Makeup for the shoot
  • Any memorable props (accessories, partner's clothing, wedding ring, etc.)
  • Additional jewelry options

Where to find a boudoir photographer near me?

There are multiple ways to find a photographer near you. It's as easy as a Google search away, literally. You can use Google to find a photographer for you. But when doing this, make sure you view their portfolios and previous work as well as look over their reviews. Make sure you are comfortable with the photographer since it is important to feel safe and secure throughout your session.

If you're in Houston, TX or surrounding areas, I am a boudoir photographer that also specializes in weddings, portraits, and couple photos. The photos throughout this article have been from my portfolio. If you are interested in a session of your own, you can click the button below to view my boudoir portfolio and inquiry me about your boudoir photography session.

What do I wear during a boudoir session?

For most sessions, clients will wear lingerie. This is not mandatory for every session! You can wear whatever you want and be creative in a boudoir session. Boudoir sessions are a form of expression of intimate art. This can be done in a suit, a swimsuit, sweatpants, workout attire, and more! The possibilities are truly endless and are only limited to your imagination. The key thing to focus on is: "What are you trying to present the most in your session?" I have a full guide to finding the perfect outfits for your boudoir session below so you can get a solid idea of what is best for you.

Picking a theme for your Boudoir Session:

This is where finding a theme is the most important part of a boudoir session. Deciding a theme helps guide choices like location, color scheme, the mood of the photoshoot, outfit choice, etc. Getting a good image of your intended goal will make the process easier and make you feel more confident during your session. There are multiple places you can get inspiration from such as:

  • Social Media (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Holidays,
  • Photographer's portfolio,
  • A book or television series,
  • And more!

Examples of Themes:

I've had clients in the past have theme ideas outside of standard studios and bedrooms. One of the most rememberable being a Halloween themed boudoir session based on combining ghosts and pin-up girls. Mixing ideas is a great way to get a nice base to a full-fledged idea. I like to get 3-5 ideas together and go based on which one I like best.

Here is a free list of themes that you can use to help generate some more ideas:

  • Air Conditioning is broken (fake sweat and overheating),
  • Getting comfortable after a long day at work,
  • "Too hot for the cold" (swimsuit in the snow),
  • The night before the wedding,
  • Lucid dream (colorful theme),
  • Secretary/Office space,
  • Room/maid service (2 in 1, can clean the house as you model),
  • Post-workout unwinding,
  • Cosplay boudoir session (popular choice)

Best practices to stay safe during a photoshoot

The most important aspect of any activity is safety, especially for boudoir photography. A lot of photographers add clauses in contacts that allow them to use photos as additions to an online portfolio, social media, and advertising purposes. If you are looking to keep your photo session private, communicate with your photographer and ask about anything you are unsure about in contracts before signing.

Another way to stay safe is to inform someone of your plans whether that be your bestie, a partner, or a family member if you're that close. I would share your location with another person an hour before to an hour after your session. If your photographer allows it, see if you can bring a plus one, this is a great source of support as well. Depending on studio rates and other factors, it may be an extra charge since certain studios limit the amount of people allowed at one time. I always recommend clients who are new or anxious to bring a plus one as it can easily lighten the mood during the session and make it a more pleasurable experience.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, boudoir is about expressing yourself. Whether that be expressing body positivity or showing off your personality. Boudoir photography is a sensual art that can be participated by all and is not limited to any specific body type, skin color, or gender. These sessions should be fun for you and those you choose to share the photos with.