Choosing the perfect outfit for a boudoir photography shoot can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and inspiration, it can also be a lot of fun! Generally, boudoir sessions are done wearing lingerie or underwear but there are more possibilities. Even with lingerie, there are different types of lingerie made of different materials and designs. In this article, the different types of articles of clothing we will be going over:

  • Lingerie Types,
  • Swimsuits,
  • Underwear,
  • Casual Clothing,
  • Suits,
  • Costumes,
  • Birthday Suit

I will also have a list of stores where you can buy certain articles of clothing throughout the article. If you are looking for a beginner's guide in boudoir photographer, make sure to look at my beginner's guide here.


Lingerie comes in many different designs, let's find the right one for you.

With the different options for lingerie, it is easy to get lost. Similar to different kinds of underwear, there are different categories, each with its benefits and features.

Top Types of Lingerie:

  • Bodysuits
  • Teddy
  • Babydoll
  • Chemise
  • Three-Piece Sets,
  • Two-Piece Sets,
  • Bustiers,
  • Corsets

Lingerie Bodysuits


Teddies cover the torso region of the body. These types of lingerie are very similar, but teddies are usually referred to as more sensual. The photo of the bride features a teddy set from Fashion Nova. This piece is good for those who prefer one-piece outfits. These suits are not designed to act as a corset but to put more emphasis on the body's curves.


Babydoll lingerie sets are similar to bodysuits as they cover the torso, however, they act more as gowns. This type of lingerie is a loose-fitting piece that ends somewhere between one's belly button and upper thigh. This piece would be good for those not looking to go all out or wanting to be more comfortable for their first shoot.


Chemise lingerie is more of the in-between of a babydoll and a bodysuit piece. These pieces aren't as flowy as a babydoll set but can exceed the length of traditional babydoll pieces.

The materials for bodysuits can vary from manufacturer. Sometimes manufacturers will use these words interchangeably which can be confusing for some. Knowing these terms can help you find the perfect piece for your boudoir shoot. Each type is usually made of different materials and fabrics which sets them apart from each other.

Three-Piece sets

When you think of lingerie, your mind will either go to a bodysuit or a three-piece lingerie set. These sets include a bra/bralette, underwear, and a garter with the option to connect stockings. This is where a subject can truly show off. Since these sets have separate pieces, the customization is endless. On top of that, you can add accessories to show off your personality even more.

two-Piece sets

When you think of lingerie, your mind will either go to a bodysuit or a three-piece lingerie set. These sets include a bra/bralette, underwear, and a garter with the option to connect stockings. This is where a subject can truly show off. Since these sets have separate pieces, the customization is endless. On top of that, you can add accessories to show off your personality even more.


Bustiers are a tight-fitting top piece that comes without straps. This piece accentuates more of the chest area. This is great for those looking to stay covered and show off this part of their body.


While bustiers and corsets look similar, the difference between these two are what they enhance. While bustiers are used to show off the chest, corsets are used to show off a slim waist. Many wear corsets to reduce their waist size and bring more emphasis on other parts of the body. Wearing a corset can make other body parts appear bigger in comparison.

Where to buy lingerie

Numerous online and in-person lingerie stores have a wide selection of options to choose from. It fully depends on what you are looking for. I would use big retailers to look at different designs and go from there. The following online retail stores can be used to find inspiration for both masculine and feminine lingerie pieces:

Once you have an idea in mind, I encourage you to shop at in-person stores so you can get a look at how different materials look and feel. The most important thing when wearing lingerie is comfort as it will dictate how your session goes. You can make it a fun shopping trip with your friends to get opinions as well. When looking for stores in person, the mall has stores like Spencer's and Victoria's Secret that have a small selection of options and are usually overcrowded. I recommend going to an adult store that specializes in lingerie like Cindie's or Adam and Eve.

If you are in the Houston, TX area, clients and I have had amazing results while shopping at Cindie's for different outfits. With an amazing selection to choose from and view in person, the workers are always nice and knowledgeable when it comes to assisting. The workers are always great when shopping alone and wanting unbiased help. Sometimes it is just you and the employees in the store and it becomes a nice one-on-one stylist consultation session.

Lingerie Alternatives

Sometimes lingerie isn't the vibe you're going for in a boudoir shoot or lingerie is not your thing and that's okay! Don't feel like you are required to wear lingerie for your boudoir session. Boudoir photography is a form of expression through sensual art. If you are looking for lingerie alternatives, the following options may be just what you need.


Wearing a swimsuit is another option if you do not want to go the full lingerie route for your photoshoot. Swimsuits are a cost-effective option as swimsuits are generally only worn for a part of the year and collect dust in the back of a drawer (unless you live in Texas). Swimsuits are also the go-to if you plan on doing a beach-themed shoot. They are also very versatile as they can be built off of in costumes.


As you probably know, underwear comes in many different styles and designs. This is where you can get creative and lock down on your personality. This is the most cost-effective option since you may have the perfect outfit at home. You can spice things up with different styles of bras and bottoms. The go-to for most are briefs for a more masculine style and thongs for a feminine style. Underwear can be mixed with

Casual Clothing

Sometimes there's nothing more sensual than a pair of jeans and a black bra. It all depends on the theme of the session. You can incorporate casual clothing with underwear and accessories and still be sexy. You just have to throw in some creativity, and when in doubt, you can throw on the city you wear on a "night out on the town".

For those looking for a more masculine style, this is one of the best options. Where you can bring out your inner thirst trap and capture great poses with these pieces. My go to outfit for masculine clients is jeans with a button up shirt. The button up shirt up shirt can be used to help reveal back muscles. Another way is halfway wearing the shirt to show off one's chest or abs.

For clients looking to capture something for their partner, you can bring an article of their closing and use it in your photos as a prop. An example being an oversized shirt or a tie.


A suit looks good no matter the occasion, so why not wear it at your boudoir shoot? If you want a more dominant presence, try busting out a suit from your closet. Suits can be combined with other pieces from lingerie sets and underwear.


Cosplay and boudoir can go hand in hand with each other. With people sharing interest in popular games and media, expressing your interest from boudoir may sound appealing to you. If you plan on doing a boudoir shoot for a partner, this could be a way to add a little more spice for their enjoyment. Cosplay can also help boost your confidence as you take on the persona of the character. This is also a great idea for the Halloween time to show off your costume.

Birthday Suit (Nude)

For those looking to go all out for their boudoir sessions, showing off your birthday suit may be for you. Using your body to express emotions in photography is great for those wanting to express deeper concepts. Depending on posing, this could lead to seductive, submissive, or confident portraits that show off your personality.

Important Note:

If you decide to pose nude for your boudoir sessions, make sure you stay safe and truly trust your photographer. Triple-check contract terms and ask questions about any concerns you have. Staying safe while taking boudoir photos is extremely important and a must for those just starting. Make sure boundaries are placed with your photographer and you are in an environment you are comfortable and confident in. For more information, read my Boudoir for Beginner's Guide to learn more about your first boudoir shoot.


This is just the tip of the iceberg for options to wear during a boudoir session. I advise you to look at photographers' portfolios and see what outfits you like best. Another go-to is looking up inspiration on Pinterest. At the end of the day, wear what you are most comfortable in and let your image guide you from there.

For more inspiration, make sure to follow my social media and view my portfolio. If you're in the Texas area and looking to book your boudoir session, you can contact me here and learn about other packages on my investment page.