Do you have a photoshoot coming up and feeling nervous? Is it a birthday announcement? Anniversary? Wedding? Regardless of what it may be, I am here to help. These poses are perfect for any occasion, especially on the beach. It's time to get you comfortable with posing before your photoshoot. In the post, we will cover this month's top poses for weddings, couples, solo portraits, and boudoir photos. There is no theme this month but these poses can easily be done indoors and outdoors. Try some of these photos on the beach since summer is just around the corner.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Arturo. I am a Houston, TX based photographer and videographer. I capture moments of people expressing who they are. The primary of my work is portraits and everything people-related. Throughout my time working with all types of personalities, I have found which poses are loved by all models at every level.

Let this blog post spark some ideas for you in your upcoming photoshoot.

Table of contents:

  • Weddings
  • Couples Portrait
  • Solo Portrait
  • Boudoir

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Getting additional inspiration outside of this blog post

There will be about 2-3 posts per category. If you want even more inspiration. You can view my portfolio by clicking the button below.


Okay, take a deep breath. Your big day is almost here! Breath in. Breath out. we will make you photo ready for your BIG DAY! A lot building up to this day, you want it to be perfect. These poses are a mix of candid and planned posing to add to your wedding album. These poses will let you shine with each other's personalities. Remember to have fun with these poses and cherish these moments together.

Wedding Poses


It's time to strut your stuff. Show that ring to the camera. Celebrate your huge accomplishments. For a little more fun, only hold up your ring finger.

"Strike a pose"

As you two come down the aisle, pose for the camera. These are your first 60 seconds of being officially married, have fun!

"tunnel of love"

Lastly, gather your wedding party together and make a tunnel of love. A fun pose and photo to do with your entire wedding party as your capture a moment of their support for your love.


No matter how long you've been dating, a year, a month, this morning, you may be worried about an upcoming photoshoot you and your partner have coming up. These poses are easy and a good way to get candids for photo albums and social media poses. They're also beginner-friendly for those who call themselves "unphotogenic".

Couples Poses


This will be the hardest pose on the list, but worth it. Have one partner lift the other in the air. To add more of a challenge, try not to hold hands for support.

"romantic mess"

A photo like the one above can add to any gallery indoors or outdoors. This is best if done with flour in a kitchen but can also be done at the beach in the sand.

"taking a stroll"

An easy pose that every couple can do is a simple walk. Walking and talking to your partner can create beautiful candid moments, especially if you can make the other laugh.

Solo Portrait

Solo portraits can be stressful since you're the main and most likely the only focus of your photoshoot. Take a breath, you got this! The poses for this month should spark some inspiration for what your personality will be in this shoot. These poses will act as a base plate for you and you can spice it up by tweaking a few things to match your vibe.

Portrait Poses


"Hi Dominos, you're my favorite pizza place." Paired with the right facial expression, this pose can have a lot of variety. You can be sassy, angry, flirty, and happy. This pose is fully customizable.

"Fingers crossed"

The classes are done, the required all-nighters have not become optional, and the walk to class is over. Take it all in, and prepare for the next chapter of your life. Fingers crossed it's full of success!


You know your best angle, so take a quick selfie. You took all your time getting ready for the photo shoot, have a sneak peek ready for your socials. This is also great for branding photoshoots and creators.


It's time to show off your spicy side. Whether this photo album is just for you, a gift for a partner, or to spice up your feed, these poses are easy go-tos that can be done anywhere. Try these poses on the beach and show off your summer body you've worked hard for!

Boudoir Poses

"Over the shoulder"

The best result for this pose is to roll your shoulders back and bring your chest up. This pose will show off your curves in the best ways possible. I prefer to take this photo at a low angle but it can be done at eye level too. Try a swimsuit at the beach for summertime.


A seductive and intimate pose. If you plan on doing a boudoir shoot to surprise a certain someone, this pose is a must. To do this pose, you can either have your legs closer together or further apart, drop your chest, and stretch your arms forward toward the camera. You can keep your head straight up or tilt it sides ways, there are many ways to tweak it to best suit you. Bonus points if you can angle a mirror behind you too.


A perfect pose for close-ups and full-body shots. You can get creative with this pose. Either combine it with another pose. This pose is to captivate those who see this photo. This pose can show off your personality when done right. If you're playful, you may angle your hand down and look away from the camera with a smile. If you're more serious, look at the camera and keep a straight face. It's up to you!


Hopefully, these poses inspired you for your next photoshoot. Again make sure to check out other resources like your photographer's portfolio to get even more ideas for how you want to pose and inspiration.

If you're in the Houston, TX area and looking for a photoshoot this summer, I'd love to work with you! The photos in this blog post are all from my portfolio and previous work I've done in the past. If you like the work, you can inquire about your next photo shoot by clicking here.

Thank you for reading my monthly posing blog post, come back next month for another set of poses. I wish you luck in your next photoshoot!